Chocolate tart – believe me it is delicious!


With holidays at the next bend the count down has already begun to the best time of the year. I can see many families are gearing up for the break and busy scheduling their holiday plans. I was also thinking of going to India during the vacations but since my hubby is tied up with work so we thought postponing it to January. I have always seen my son getting excited about our India trip as lot of things are always on card when the visit is only for a short period.

Since most of the Indian families residing here are taking a break, I thought of having a get together at my place last week. It was due since a long time. It was a girl’s only day out in the afternoon when most of kids are at school. My son was not happy with the idea as he insisted that kids should be an integral part of any party. “Yeah! May be next time” that was my blatant reply!

Coming to the menu I always have a special corner for the desserts and for me it is the final crowning glory. The special dish to be relished in spite of no place left in the tummy. I had made this chocolate tart and even though I had managed to click few pictures of the tart before the party begun, later by mistake I deleted the pictures from my disk. On browsing franticly I was lucky enough to find a picture of a slice.

The recipe is adapted from

No changes made to the original recipe.

Variation - After popping the tart into the oven, I realized that adding orange zest would have been a good idea. The tart varies according to type of chocolates used. I had use semi sweet dark chocolates so it was little bit on the bitter side.