Minty Raspberry Sorbet

Weekends are quite relaxing for me except for taking Rohan for his extra curricular activities. My little prince straight away heads to a Baskin Robbins outlet after he is done with his kick boxing sessions The outlet is just a stones throw distance from his class.

This is in fact one of the precondition that if he does well he gets a treat but this has somehow turned into a routine irrespective of performance he urges me to have a treat.

Well he deserves it, at just 4 year old and the youngest among the team, he is good at kicks and punches.But I have been noticing him that he prefers to have sorbet instead of the creamy ones. This baffled and intrigued me if it was the color or the taste that is drawing his attention.

So I decided to roll up my sleeves to set myself the target to create a fruity sorbet. I had of couple of frozen Raspberry boxes and it worked well for this recipe. The only thing that I skipped is sieving the seeds May be I was too lazy to bother.

It was perfect with a blend of mint and a sprig of mint leaf for the connoisseurs touch. We all loved it and relished it after a lazy weekend lunch.


250 gm Raspberry frozen or fresh

1 /2 cup sugar

1-cup water

¼ chopped mint leaves

2tsp lemon juice

1tsp lemon rind

Puree the Raspberry and blend the lemon juice and rind. Using a strainer sieve the puree and remove the seeds. Add ½ cup f water.

Boil water, sugar and mint to boil and simmer till the sugar is dissolved for 2 mins.

Cool it for 15 to 20 minutes and discard the leaves.

Mix together the puree and the sugar syrup and freeze it for one hour. Remove the mixture and blend it and then freeze it again for couple of more hours before serving it.

Remove and just thaw for 10 mins and it becomes easy scoop.

Scoop and garnish it with mint leaves and relish it!

This is second contribution to Dee of Ammaluskitchen hosting AFAM Rashberry.
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